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Warbot is Openholdem-based, customizable universal poker bot, which uses screen scraping method for its game state engine, and external profiles (formulas, algorithms) for its action engine (Autoplayer). The bot automatically detects poker table, when it appears on the screen. Then it connects and starts playing, according to loaded profile.

Along with primary actions (folding, calling, raising, etc..), it can also perform sitin, sitout, close tables, handle pop-ups, set custom randomizable delays and much more..







  • Plays No-limit and fixed-limit cash games, MTTs and SNGs (including Speed poker, DONs, Heads-up, Spin’n’goes, etc..)
  • Based on the most advanced poker-botting framework that currently exists
  • Supports 20+ largest poker rooms, the list gets wider constantly
  • Plays solid position-aware TAG-style poker out of the box, packed with strong tested profiles for cash, MTT and SNG games. More than 50 extra profiles in our store to choose from
  • Allows to edit existing profiles and create your own
  • Adjusts in real-time to counter your opponents style of play
  • Allows multi-tabling and running several casinos on the same pc


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  • Warbot steadily earns money in micro-limit cash games with the average win-rate of about 5 big blinds/100 hands
  • Even more impressive monthly profits in rakeback payments
  • More than $20,000 signup bonuses to clear
  • Dominates SNG tables: regular or turbo
  • High money finishes and hitting final tables in MTT games completely unassisted
  • Thousands of dollars to be made in tournaments with 60%-80% ROI (Return On Investments)



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Poker bot – supported rooms

RoomFlagsNetworkTablemaps and table sizeSecurity level
PokerStarsStars3/6/9 seats
default size


Global PokerUSA flagGlobal3/6/9 seats
default size
888 Poker8882/6/8/9/10/Blast
default size


888 Poker.esSpanish flag
Party PokerParty2/3/6/8/9/10 seats
default size


Party Poker.frFrench flag
Bwin.com3/6/9/10 seats
mini size
Bwin.frFrench flag2/3/6/8/9/10 seats
default size


Bwin.esSpanish flag
Bwin.itItalian flag
Winamax.frEuropean flagWinamax3/5/6/8/9 seats
mini size


iPoker (ALL rooms with new interface)iPoker (new interface)2/3/6/8/9 seats
default size
Betmost PokerCanadian flagiPoker (old interface)All kinds of seats
mini size
China flagBodog2/6/9 seats
default size
Bovada (Ignition)USA flag
Carbon PokerUSA flagMergeGaming2/6/9/10 seats
mini size
PokerOKGGPoker6/8/9 seats
BetonlineUSA flagChico6/9/10 seats
default size


SportsbettingUSA flag
TigerGamingCanadian flag
Ukraine flag
Russia flag
6/9 seats
default size
Stan JamesMicrogamingall seats
mini size
RedStarsRussia flag


Brasil Live PokerBrazilian flagChico6/9 seats
default size
Poker de las Americas
PPPokerUSA flagPrivate6 seat cashLow

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Security Level

High – always use “Stealth” (see Manual)

Medium – it is recommended to use “Stealth”

Low – safe, no need for any protection

Signup Bonuses



Poker rooms attract new players by offering them an additional amount of bonus money for signing up and making a first deposit.
When you make a first deposit, the poker room usually adds a separate bonus account with your bonus money in it. As you play, this bonus money is released step by step into your main account.

The bonus amount is usually a percentage of the deposit (e.g. 100% of your deposit) and most times, there is an upper limit (e.g. 100% up to $500)


Rake is a fee that a poker room takes from each pot as profit. The amount of rake taken generally ranges from $0.05 to $3 per pot, depending on the limit that you play and the size of the pot. Rakeback is a loyalty program for online poker players. With rakeback you can get a refund of the rake payments that poker rooms have already charged from you.

Rakeback is necessary to show a worthwhile long-term profit for most cash games. Please sign up for your poker accounts through a reputable rakeback provider. If you don’t have a bonus or rakeback going for you, we recommend switching to SNG’s or Tournaments

Wanted to thank you guys for this amazing stuff. You bot really rocks! I’m learning so much just by watching how it plays..


This thing is too addictive 🙂 I could never imagine before, that computer program can play like this.. Awesome. And by the way, Alex, thanks a lot for great and fast support.


Thanks for everything, you really stand behind your product and I will always support you in any way I can.


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