Download poker bot

Unregistered users can run the bot for free in any room we support, but it will terminate in 10 minutes after connection to the table. Then you can restart it again

Room Settings

Configure your poker-room according to our guides before using Warbot

Poker-botting guide

Learn how to run Warbot profitably, with all its potential


All technical topics covered: installation, configuration, managing profiles, scripting, and more..

Don’t run Warbot on the same pc with PokerStars without protection! We have special “Stealth setup”, that prevents instant detection of the bot – read Manual. However, you should understand that it is still risky, and bans happen there from time to time. Use it at your own risk, or choose other casino, that is not hunting for bots  
Some anti-viruses mistakenly recognize program components as a threat and delete/block it, so it’s strongly recommended to temporarily disable your anti-virus before installing the bot! Later you can add Warbot folder to anti-virus “exclusions” and activate it again. You can check it by scanning with