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What is a profile ?



The bot gets its playing instructions from special files, called “Profiles”. Trial version of Warbot comes with default built-in profile for cash games, which is loaded automatically (it supports PT stats too). Paid version comes with much more advanced profile, also with PockerTracker stats support, which plays both cash, SNG and MTT games. You can buy more profiles in our online store. There are profiles for cash, mtt, sng games, profiles for DoN, speed/fast fold games etc. Some of them are designed to play only short-handed games, some are for FR games, some are universal, and so on. To bot profitably, it is essential to use profiles for their main purposes.

What is tablemap
Tablemaps are files that provide the Bot-game-state-engine the instructions for deriving the state of the game from the pixels on the screen. These files have the “.tm” extension on them. The challenge with table maps is that every casino needs its own map. Tablemaps are stored in the bot folder “/scraper”
Can i tweak the bot logic (edit profiles) ?
Yes, you can (but you don’t have to) change whatever you want: main logic, sitin/sitout conditions, delays, prefold conditions and so on. Warbot combines few programming languages, and the main is OpenPPL. Warbot Manual and OpenPPL Manual cover all related topics.
What is OpenPPL ?
OpenPPL stands for Open Poker Programming Language. It is an easy to learn custom coding language that any experienced poker player can learn and adapt.
What is OpenHoldem ?
OpenHoldem is an open source screen scraping framework and programmable logic engine for the online Texas Hold’em style poker game. This framework provides the capabilities to allow you to build your own Texas Hold’em robot (bot).
What is ManualMode?
ManualMode is a tool for simulating a poker game state offine. It allows you to set any game state you can think of, including your cards, players’ cards/backs, names, balances, blinds, game types, button, bets, buttons, etc. You can run this tool clicking on “M” button in the bot toolbar
OpenHoldem is free. Why are you guys selling it?
OpenHoldem is plain “bot-constructor”, which needs tablemaps and profiles to play poker. It’s like you have Excel but don’t have a spreadsheet. Mastering those skills takes years, seriously. We are creating tablemaps and profiles and sell it as “All-in-one” package for your convenience.
What is a First Deposit Bonus?
Poker rooms attract new players by offering them an additional amount of bonus money for signing up and making a first deposit. When you make a first deposit, the poker room usually adds a separate bonus account with your bonus money in it. As you play, this bonus money is released step by step into your main account. The bonus amount is usually a percentage of the deposit (e.g. 100% of your deposit) and most times, there is an upper limit (e.g. 100% up to $500)
What is rakeback?
Rake is a fee that a poker room takes from each pot as profit. The amount of rake taken generally ranges from $0.05 to $3 per pot, depending on the limit that you play and the size of the pot. Rakeback is a loyalty program for online poker players. With rakeback you can get a refund of the rake payments that poker rooms have already charged from you.
What do I need to do to get rakeback?
Find some rakeback providers and follow their instructions. Examples: http://www.raketherake.com http://www.rakemeback.com
Are Shanky PPL profiles compatible with this bot?

Yes, plain profiles in .txt format are compatible. Notice that we already have a lot of them in our shop. Unlike many Shanky profile shops, we provide properly checked profiles, with no bugs or syntax errors inside.

Why is your bot is better than Shanky?


  • Our bot is cheaper and allows installation on 3 computers with just 1 license
  • Better auto-connector
  • “ManualMode”, which allows testing profiles with any poker scenarios offline
  • Some very needed capabilities that Shanky can’t do (detecting sitting out opponents, hand-list editor, user-functions, etc..)
  • Use of quick “bet-pot” buttons, ability to auto-switch profiles depending on coded conditions, auto-rematch, etc..
  • Some advanced DLL extensions possible
  • Direct PokerTracker support
  • Usage of real-time table stats (players per flop %, table pfr% and others)
  • No multi-tabling restrictions
  • OpenHoldem platform is much more modern and superiour, and it becomes more and more powerful
  • It supports Shanky profiles and can do everything that Shanky does (but not vice versa)


What limits can the bot profitably play?
Up to NL25, if we’re talking about cash games. In tournaments, the bot can climb up to 30$ buy-ins
Do you guarantee results?
No. There is no way for us to verify that your results were obtained in a responsible manner. Also, while our software will certainly give you an edge when used intelligently, this is still gambling. Results depend on many things, like table selection, bank-roll management, distance and so on
Is your software legal to use? Do i need to hide it?
This program performs no illegal activity by itself. Most of casinos that we support at the moment, are loyal towards bots, so you don’t need to hide it or worry about your safety there. Regarding rooms with “High” and “Medium” security level (see main page), we have special “Stealth setup”, that prevents instant detection of the bot (read Manual). However, you should understand that it is still risky, and bans happen there from time to time. Use it at your own risk, or choose other casino, that is not hunting for bots.
What are system requirements?
Windows 10 , Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows XP Service Pack 3 1.6 GHz or faster processor 1 GB of RAM (1.5 GB if running on a virtual machine) 50 MB of available hard disk space 5400 RPM hard drive
Can i run it on Mac?
Yes, if you install some virtual machine with Windows on board, like VirtualBox or VMWare
How many tables can it play?
As many as your casino allows and your PC can handle. Playing multiple tables will allow you clear deposit bonuses or earn rakeback much faster
How does the licensing work?
After purchasing 1 license, you can install the bot on up to 3 computers (or virtual machines). Our software generates a unique Computer ID number for your PC. After purchasing your license, you will be taken to a page to provide us with this number. Then we will activate it
Can I transfer licenses from one pc to another?
No, sorry. After we send you specific license file for your computer, it can’t be disabled or controlled by us. So your machine is considered to registered and our software will work for 1 year.
What happens if i just copy your tablemaps to unlicensed pc and use it inside OpenHoldem?
Our tablemaps are encrypted, and will not work properly if used outside of our package. So please, don’t use pirated products. It will cost you money
What about support and upgrades?
Every license we sell comes with support and free software upgrades for one year. After the first year, if you wish to continue you can renew your license with 30% discount
Do you have forum?


Yes, follow this link

What is the refund policy?
Since we offer a free trial, we usually do not offer refunds. But in some cases, when customer really can’t run the program and we can’t help him, we refund the purchase price

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