Poker can be a highly exciting game. There are a number of reasons to enjoy it. However, there are also things about it that can be intimidating to certain players. I know that I for one was a little worried about how well I would be able to handle this game. What I knew was that there are professional players who do nothing more with their lives than practice and practice this game. You never know when you might encounter one of them in an online casino. If I had to go up against a professional in real poker, I knew that I would lose. Instead, I started to look for an alternative.

I found that five card poker slot machine type games are the type of game that could bring me the enjoyment of poker without all of the pressure. The game was actually pretty easy to learn, and I found it to be a lot less intimidating than playing regular poker against professionals. I knew that at the very least I was only going to be competing against a slot machine. The odds might still be against me in some way, but they were not going to be as stacked against me as they might be if I was playing against a poker professional.

Five card poker is a game that many of us are taught how to play around the kitchen table or the like. We are introduced to it at an early age in some cases, and it is a cultural phenomenon that this game is so popular. It is probably why it was selected as the candidate to have slot machine games built around it. A lot of people are already familiar with the game play, and this makes it a lot easier for slot machine developers to find a willing audience to play the game. At the same time, they realize that there are players like myself who are a little afraid to play real poker against professional players who can be very good at it.

The rules for the five card poker game are really simple. You select the amount that you would like to bet (from 1 coin up to 5) and then press play. You are given 5 cards that you will use to try to make the best poker hand that you can. From those five cards you may select any or all of them to hold. For example, if you are dealt two aces, a 5, an 8, and a 9, you would select to hold the two aces. The other three cards are then discarded and you are dealt three new cards. You use the cards you have held plus the cards you were dealt on the second deal to make the best hand possible. The value of your hand is determined, and you are paid out according.

It is important for players to try to hold onto high value cards that will likely translate into higher paying hands for them in the future. They should make sure that they understand the value of all of the different combinations of cards, and how this will impact what amount they are able to win in the game. I would recommend that all players look into the hand values in poker before they ever start playing this game.

I found it easy to get sucked into this game and just keep playing hand after hand. I kept looking at my strategy to see if I was doing things correctly. Sometimes it is easy to hold the cards that make for a small value win when in reality I should have taken a bigger chance and gone for a higher value win.

The game challenges me and helps me to get some poker action in without having to take the big risk of playing against the professionals. Those looking for those same things should take the time to check this game out.