Major upgrade of Warbot is available to download! Link:
We are now based on OpenHoldem 11.0.2. This version is reasonably stable and has most of great new features that latest OH has. The very latest OH is too buggy unfortunately, so, as soon as it becomes stable, we will upgrade further.
Let’s look at what changed in new version. A lot of things really, but most important are:
– Warbot will now always connect to the table immediately after the table appears (if supported). No matter if you are seated or not. Also, it will perform tablemap check about every 10 seconds, and if it improperly recognized table, or table changed – it will try to reconnect
– “blind guesser” works better in those casinos where it is not possible to read blinds from window title. Also “0.02/0.05 blinds” problem is fixed
– bot is now able to switch tablemaps “on the fly”. Helpful, when type of table changes in the middle of the game (e.g. from 9max to 2max)
– some bugs fixed in OpenPPL symbols and functions
– balances, bets and stacks should be recognized now correctly, regardless of your Regional Settings (but we still recommend to follow
our Manual and set it to “English/United States”, to be 100% safe)
– “use comma instead of dot on bet typing” feature is now integrated in tablemaps. So no need to switch it manually in bot settings every time

Casino news:
PartyPoker – should now fully work for France and probably other countries, if its in English and interface is the same

Ignition – now we work with “default size” table, not mini. Mini tables caused problems with scraping and resizing. This way its more reliable. Also preferred seat is now always at the bottom-centre. Please review settings:

Winamax – more reliable table recognition. Also final 9max table (in 8-max tournies) should be recognized well now. However, 7-seat table is still unsupported right now.
Also Winamax users – don’t forget to replace keyboard.dll, like said in

CarbonPoker – is under update now. Please tell us if someone still needs it(maybe will be replaced with some other room)

Attention: Warbot is now located in C:\GamingTools\ (by default), so please copy your “lic.dat” file and profiles (if you have some) from your old folder (usually C:\Program Files\Warbot\) to new one.