As you know, many iPoker rooms updated their software and now are running with completely new interface. It took some time to adapt Warbot for new skins, but now it seems that our tablemaps cover almost all possible skins that exist in english language. We can’t be absolutely sure that every iPoker casino with new interface will work well, but we tested it on William Hill, Winner, Coral, Betfair, Ladbrokes, and everything was fine.
New iPoker skins all share similar graphics, and the only bad thing that can happen is some unusual combination of colours for players balances and names regions. If you find some iPoker casino, where Warbot can’t scrape players balances well, that’s probably the case. Send us a message and we will fix it quickly.
Tables with 2/3/6/9 seats are supported: cash, speed, sng, mtt, no-limit and fixed-limit. Default size, all Windows versions are compatible.
Don’t forget to check out iPoker settings for new interface: