First iPoker casino with new interface is added in beta-testing mode, and it is WilliamHill. Unfortunately we could not make mini-sized tablemaps for it, because player names get too fuzzy and hard-to-scrape when table is small, making it impossible to enjoy PokerTracker benefits. So, we decided that stability and good scraping is more important and left tables default-sized. Anyway, it should not be a big problem, because if you use virtual machine you can set very large resolutions, and if you use Win8/Win10 – table overlapping is allowed.

Now 2,3,6 and 9-seated tables are supported, which means that you can play most of games offered on iPoker. We will give some time for our customers to test bot at this room, then will move forward to updating WinnerPoker, CoralPoker and others.

Don’t forget to update your bot:
Settings for new iPoker soft is here: