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Hello everyone, one of our top profiles – Sharkvador – is updated to “2nd” version, now it’s called “Sharkvador2

All preflop ranges are reviewed: open-raise, 3bet, 4bet 5bet, push range, etc. Sizings have been reviewed too.
Post-flop logic also has huge improvements (around 15000 of new code lines).

Open ranges are much more precise and made according to stack and effective stack sizes.
Open pushes are changed, the former was much too wide, the open push and the effective open push is now 15bb, except for some hands that are played better between 15-20bb, for SB/BT/CO.

For the cash game the bot will also play differently, according to its stack 100bb / 150bb / 200bb +
The profile has been tested on several rooms with very pleasant results in 6-max and full ring (although for us the fullring still remains the most profitable with the bot),
Tested in NL2, NL5 for cash games and tournaments buy in 1-10 $. Please see new graphs on profile page:

Sharkvador2 graphSharkvador2 graphSharkvador2 graph





It’s recommended to use Poker Tracker when possible – this version of profile uses more accurate statistics than the old version.


Now profile is copy-protected and works only if you have Warbot license file (will work with OpenHoldem too, if you have this file). We had to do this to prevent piracy and free distribution of our work.