NIT cash profile forĀ 0.01/0.02, 9-10 seats tables

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FooFighter is NIT (ROCK) profile. It has gone trough many hours of testing now on different stakes but the sample posted is a complete test of v.5.5 at nl2 9/10 seat tables at Fulltilt.

I would say that FooFighter is designed to play tight as a rock so 9-10 seat tables should be the tables to play.

Recommended settings: 0.01/0.02, 9-10 seats tables using FooFighter

1. Max buyin and auto top up ( this is a must do ).
2. Maxstacksize is recommended to set to 180/220 BB.
3. Sort tables with the biggest average pot and Flop% so you always have a good table to play and at least 6-7 players.
4. Try and adjust the number of tables compared to how good you run , Dont play more than 4 tables if you run bad
5. Try and adjust your table sessions compared to how good you run , Dont play sessions above 60-65 min. if you run bad, 60-65min. are my standard settings for each table session.
6. Stop playing for the day if you lose 5 buyins
7. Stop playing for the day if you win 6-7 buyins

Perfect profile to start botting on cash tables, since it plays very tight and solid poker.

Additional information


OpenHoldem7+, Shanky


$0.02, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10




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