iPoker Invasion (2-pack)


6max cash profile, also works for fast-fold games (Speed poker)

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Package includes 2 profiles:

  • Invasion (regular 6max cash NL games)
  • Speed Poker (any fast-fold 6max cash NL games)

This is a Full Stack 6man NL cash game profile that is beating Ipoker. I ask the “tester” to best describe the play of this profile, and this is his quote: “SLAG, solid lag”

LAG would be 23/21 or above.

It took a different approach to beat Ipoker 6 handed micros. Solid LAG. When playing a lot of hands preflop, proper and precise postflop coding is imperative!! Alot of time in testing and in mods were consumed to reach these results, and i would like to thank ALL the testers involved in this project.

Rakeback line set to 57% on graph

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OpenHoldem7+, Shanky


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