Klaxter 6max FL

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Fixed-limit 6max profile

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Impressive Fixed Limit 6max profile, with 22 000+ lines of code, showing profitable graph on up to FL100 (0.50$ / 1$)
Along with solid TAG strategy, it can set traps with check-raises to get more from your opponent, when you hit the board with strong hand.
It will also sit out when number of opponents becomes too low, to avoid heads-up situations on preflop.

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$0.20, $0.25, $0.30, $0.50, $1


OpenHoldem7+, Shanky

1 review for Klaxter 6max FL

  1. knight.patrick.m (verified owner)

    Only played about 2000 hands, but so far one major issue for me is that at default, this profile raises A9o/A10o/AJo/etc., and then nearly always folds to a cbet. From middle position, cutoff and button it folded to a c-bet 100% of the time. In fixed limit this doesn’t really make sense to me and just slowly ate away at the table stack.

    On a few loose tables it was just handing bets away too frequently for no reason. It would have been okay to call a lot of the time in these preflop situations. I think just committing to see a flop would have been more valuable over the long run.

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