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Free profile for MTT’s and multi table SNG’s

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Free Lion Profile, Shanky Legacy, quite popular some years ago.

Poker347’s LION profile for MTT’s and multi table SNG’s
// Version #10 28-Jul-2010
// #1 initial release
// #2 bugfixes
// #3 integrated changes made In doodle version 80 (#2 was based on doodle 79) and some fixes
// #4 fixed folding on river with TPTK when StackSize > 25, fixed polpol’s trips hand, integrated doodle 81 changes
// #5 replaced some RaisePot with Raise 100%, Fold OESD less on flop, add some StackSize protection to preflop hands like 89 suited
// #6 removed some recent changes, fixed some plays
// #7 adjusted the opening range
// #8 integrated doodle 82 & new mtt kit changes, replaced minraising preflop with raising to 3bb
// #9 fixed calling overbets on flop with just an overpair, fixed accidentally folding quads by the fix from #4, some other fixes
// #10 various minor changes

// Based on Doodle + MTT kit by Egor, kill everyone push code by jsl1978
// Stacksizes adjusted for FTP SNG’s without antes

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OpenHoldem7+, Shanky

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  1. thiago

    nice work!…

  2. dB

    Thank you Sir! (Test first)

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