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Retribution is designed as an aggressive short-handed profile.The full ring code is kept from EndGame profile, which will make it play better in this format overall given the advancements to the post-flop code, but the work has all been towards 6-handed play. There is far more money and rake back to be earned on these tables.

The profile plays a tight-aggressive style. The profile never limps (except what remains of the full ring code) and the only randomness occurs within the bottom range of 3 and 4-bets. It has proven to win over all positions except the blinds, which is common for any decent poker player.

When “0” toolbar button is pressed, you enable “Fast fold poker” mode (and no sitouts)
When “1” toolbar button is pressed
, you enable “LAG-style” mode.
When “2” toolbar button is pressed, you enable alternative “UserPreflop” section.
When “3” toolbar button is pressed, you enable more “Raise or fold” style postflop.
please read Description file that goes with this profile for detailed info!

I have included the RB line at 57% to show the true earning potential beyond that of even what is earned on the tables. This graph only took a few days to create given the volume of hands on iPoker speed poker.

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OpenHoldem7+, Shanky


$0.02, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10

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  1. Adam

    All i can say is wow!
    I don’t use Warbot for Cash games, but iam really considering too start do so, because this profile is more profitable then my SnG, MTT profiles. The profile is worth a buy, because you will earn it back if your’e not too greedy! Sorry for bad english, it’s my second language. / A-K

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