Speedy Gonzales

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Fast-fold 6max cash profile from Warbot Team

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New profile from one of our long-time partners, created in september, 2014!
Supports some
PokerTracker stats!

This profile was designed specially for so-called “FAST” (sometimes called SPEED/SNAP) 6max games.
It plays solid, aggressive poker, exploiting short-stacked opponents.
It’s recommended to keep your stack at 100 big blinds. If your stack grows over 150 bb, quit the table, make a little break and join again.

Profile was tested on 888 Poker SNAP tables, NL2 and NL5. But, according to author’s opinion, it’s also good for higher stakes, up to NL25! More than 3 BB/100 hands winrate!

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3 reviews for Speedy Gonzales

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    this is f***g amazing , i was shortly away on the wallmart to buy some stuff. I came back (15-20min) i was up to 4 BuyIn`s XD

  2. Gilmar (verified owner)

    20k hands aqui e vai muito mal por enquanto, -10bb/100 tem alguns erros grandes para ser corrigidos como empurrar 89o,9To,TJo,QJo, etc… vs 50BB isso nunca sera +ev, tambem notei alguns erros em 4bet pote, ele faz 4bet com pares de 88-QQ e folda para 5bet mesmo que seja de 1BB mais, isso é horrivel, vou rodar mais um pouco mas não tenho esperança que vença NL02 SNAP.

  3. Andy

    by far it’s the best 6max profile i’ve seen (fast or not fast)

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