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Spin and Go Master is a profile created for 3-handed Spin and Go and HU Hyper Turbo games

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Spin and Go Master is a profile created for 3-handed Spin and Go and HU Hyper Turbo games.

It took 13 months to complete and is based on two professional player’s knowledge with over 4 years of experience in this format.

The profile is extremely effective at low stakes as the strategy used combines both pre flop and post flop player tendencies.

Preflop is very detailed as it uses extensive charts adjusted to the level of players. It is made of 2 major parts -3-handed and HU, which contains all the positions. The strategy is also adjusted to the effective stack, which effectively means the on deeper stacks strategy changes every 2-3 blinds, whereas with less than 10bb, it changes every 1 blind , making it a very effective and detailed tool.

On top of that the profile has dynamic statistics (using PokerTracker Stats), allowing to distinguish fish and regular players and adjust the strategy accordingly.

This is the reason why an appropriately selected strategy allows to generate a profit already on the stage of preflop game.

Both pre flop and post flop strategies are based on popular player tendencies and designed to achieve maximum value from recreational players. That’s why exploiting our profile by opponents is very difficult. Additionally, the profile has random lines that make adjusting to this strategy virtually impossible.

The playing style is very aggressive but also well balanced. There are multiple lines in the profile –  not only for value but also for bluff, all of which are clearly described on indicated boards and situations. There are also many tricky lines, e.g.:

– donk bet for value

– donk bet bluff

– donk bet POT on the river for BLUFF (this one is magical)

– check raise with air for bluff and many others

All spots were carefully analysed and improved to perfection because as little as 15% of errors kills the entire profit.

We know for a fact that Spin and Go Master destroys the low stakes players. On average one profile playing 2,8k games on $1 stakes makes as much as $150-$190 per month.

There obviously is a great variance in poker that we are aware of, but we managed to create a profile that makes money regardless of that.  We’d like to ask any person who started using the profile to share their graphs on the forum, to prove how good that profile really is

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3 reviews for SpinMaster

  1. Shephirot (verified owner)

    The profile works amazing, just need to be sure that your table map its working properly.

  2. kevin

    This is a great profile but it got me banned on global poker since they are no graphs I will try my best to explain how the profile plays when I was sitting in front of my computer all day. Okay so I deposited $200 dollars and start playing at $2 dollars buyin for a month and I not some huge down swings but it my balance won’t go less than $100 dollars, so I decided to move up to $5 dollars buy in and played there for about 2 months and it won a $500 dollars jackpot 2 times, then I got tired of grinding and went up to $10 dollars buying and my balance was $3500 and I moved up to $20 dollars buyin and it was playing the same way it doesn’t matter the type of buyin it can play anywhere higher.I got banned on global poker because some one reported me as being a bot and they took all the money from me away my advice to people playing poker casinos with security is they will make it harder for you to win big prizes since casinos know that bots are playing. So if you playing and find your self cannot win big jackpot it’s because the poker casino change the prize structure to make it harder for you to win. This poker profile is great but it the only problem I have with it has huge down swings the author is going to have to do better and improve this poker profile, Dear Author thanks sharing this profile had a lot of fun with god bless

  3. Pinkflower (verified owner)

    Works great. Took a while to get it connected to my tables through the stealth Virtualbox method. But the profile has some huge problems that i noticed watching it play for just 20 minutes two tables at a time. It folded KK on SB 3 handed multiple times. Folds Ax almost all the time. AK folded Heads up with 10 or more BB multiple times. Pocket 9s folded 3 handed. Not sure why it would be programmed to fold premium hands.

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